Planning an Effective Response to a Cyber Incident

Procopio Partner Carole J. Buckner recently completed a webinar on Planning an Effective Response to a Cyber Incident with Todd Doss, Managing Director of Ankura. The presentation covered staffing the incident response team, planning for communications, and insurance notification. Mr. Doss discussed the role of a forensic consultant in a data breach investigation, including preservation of evidence.

shutterstock_654468058As a former FBI special agent, Mr. Doss also discussed working with law enforcement. Ms. Buckner addressed best practices to preserve attorney client privilege and work product protection during a cyber breach investigation, as well as dealing with the press. The presentation also covered issues arising with cyber insurance, including insurance applications, tender of claims, and important exclusions.

Ms. Buckner is a former federal prosecutor and a member of Procopio’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group. Mr. Doss has extensive experience investigating hundreds of cyber incidents.

The presentation is now available in the West Legal Ed Center.

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