Events on new CBA Rules of Professional Conduct and Training for Mandatory Fee Arbitrators

shutterstock_332912672Interested attorneys will have two opportunities on September 13, 2018, to learn the latest in legal ethics, as I will give presentations at two different events:

  • At 1 pm PDT I will speak at the Conference of California Bar Associations in San Diego on the New Rules of Professional Conduct: What You Need to Know. I’ll be joined by Wendy Patrick of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. The talk will address key aspects of a lawyer’s professional responsibility that will be impacted by the rules that will come into effect on November 1, 2018.
  • At 5:30 PDT I will present newly revised training for Mandatory Fee Arbitrators for the San Diego County Bar Association, along with NBC Universal Executive Vice President Lee Straus and Lorraine Marie Walsh. Lorraine is the Chair of the State Bar of California’s Attorney Fee Arbitration Committee and Lee is the Vice Chair. The training will focus on the nuts and bolts of writing an effective and enforceable arbitration award.

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